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Reggie Meaders

Reggie Meaders is the second son of Arie and Cheever Meaders.  Like his brother Lanier, he is  known for his face jugs but is also known for his animals:  chickens, pigs, elephants and owls and don’t forget the dinosaurs.  Another distinctive quality of Reggie’s work is his glaze colors which range from brown to yellowish-brown to green.  Any of his unique pieces are a wonderful addition to a collection.
item #rm101 - $325 
appx. 11" tall 
item #rm102 - $275 
appx. 9" tall 
item #rm107 - $375 
appx. 13.25" tall 
item #rm104 - $375 
appx. 12" x 7.25" 
 item #rm103 - $325 
 appx. 18" long 
- Unless noted otherwise all items are sign by Reggie Meaders.

- All available items are not pictured.

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