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Lanier Meaders
There is no doubt Lanier Meaders is the most famous folk potter in the United States.  He is the third son of Aire and Cheever Meaders.  Lanier can be credited with single-handedly keeping Southern folk pottery from all but dying with his distinct style and sculptural creativity.  These qualities are best evidenced in Lanier’s one-of-a kind face jugs, without which no Southern folk pottery collection is complete.

Lanier's dedication to Southern folk pottery has not gone unnoticed.  Meaders face jugs, being sought after by collectors everywhere, are a featured exhibit in the Smithsonian Institute and other museums around the country.  Lanier along with his mother Arie Meaders, was honored by the Library of Congress with a Meaders Pottery Day in 1978.  In 1983, Lanier was awarded the National Heritage Fellowship by the National Endowment for the Arts and in 1987 he received the Governor’s Award for the Arts in Georgia.  Lanier  has received numerous other recognitions and awards.

Many peoples lives have been touched by Lanier Meaders: whether they were one of the 10,000-15,000 people who turned out simply to have items autographed by or shake hands with Lanier at his 80th birthday celebration where he was guest of honor for Hewell’s Turning and Burning Festival, Gillsville, Georgia; or whether it was purchasing pottery from the trunk of one of Lanier’s cars.   Through the influence of Lanier, the face of Southern folk pottery will never be the same, whether it be carried on in the tradition of utilitarian wares or face jugs.

Sadly in February 1998, the pottery world lost a legend.  Lanier died, after a long bout with cancer.

Lanier Meader’s contributions to Southern folk pottery are best summed up by John A. Burrison in Brothers in Clay:  The Story of Georgia Folk Pottery with his dedication,  "For Lanier Meaders, without whom all this would be just history."
item # lm102 - $1250 
appx 9.5" tall 
dated 1988 
item # lm107 - $1250 
appx 9.5" tall 
dated 1988 

item # lm103 - $350 
9" tall
item # lm104 - $250 
appx. 7.5" tall 
item #lm105 - $175 
appx. 3.5" tall x 5" diameter 


item #lm106 - $175 
appx. 2" tall x 5" diameter

- Unless noted otherwise, all items are signed by Lanier Meaders.

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