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CJ and Billie Meaders

Cleater James, Jr. was the son of Cleater James Meaders (1880-1934) of White County,  Georgia.  Although not a fulltime potter until his retirement, he was involved with pottery production since his childhood at his father's shop.

Proudly carrying on the Meaders folk pottery tradition, CJ and Billie are reknown for their superb tobacco spit glaze.  CJ is responsible for a wide variety of  articles including face jugs, vases and pitchers to name just a few.  One cannot help but notice the extra time spent decorating the articles, from grapes to dogwoods- all thanks to Billie.   CJ and Billie are some of the last potters to use the old fashion wood burning kiln.  Their pieces fired in a wood-burning kiln are some of the finest examples of traditional Southern folk pottery available today.
item #cj101 - $125 
appx. 12" tall 
item #cj102 - $40 
appx. 5" tall 
item #cj103 - $100 
appx. 10 " tall 
item #cj104 - $325 (set) 
appx. 12", 9.5", 7.5" tall 
item #cj107 - $175 
appx. 9" tall 
item # cj106 - $350 
appx. 11" tall 
item #cj105 - $165 
appx. 10.25" tall 

Dogwood Cut Outs 

item #cj108 - $350 
appx. 9 1/2" tall 



item #cj110 - $165 
appx. 8" tall 
item #cj111 - $ 125 
appx. 6" tall 
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