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Carrying on in the tradition of  his father Reggie, grandfather Cheever and uncle Lanier, David is continuing to make finely crafted traditional Southern folk pottery.  Whether it be his "jug heads" or items resembling those of his grandmother, Arie, Davidís work is highly recognizable.

Influenced by her husband David and his long family history of making pottery, Anita is adding her own chapter to the Meaders pottery family history.  Her work is both imaginative and creative.  Anitaís work is highlighted by the great care and time put into each piece.  The creativity of multi-colored glazes and finely decorated vessels display what a truly talented potter Anita really is.

item #dm101 - $375 
 8" tall x 11" wide 
made by David
item # dm103 - $125 
7.5 " tall
item # dm104 - $125 
8" tall
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  • Lanier Meaders
  • Edwin Meaders
  • John Meaders
  • Reggie Meaders
  • CJ & Billie Meaders
  • AG Meaders

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