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A.G. MEADERS       1923-1994

Alva Gusta Meaders was the son of Cleater James Meaders (1880-1934) of White County,  Georgia.  Although not a fulltime potter until his retirement, he was involved with pottery production since his childhood at his father's shop and his brother's.  For the most part, A.G. worked with his brother CJ.  A.G. had just started to expand his production with face jugs when he died.  Although AGs pottery years were brief, he was a very accomplished potter.  AG produced a variety of items all using the high gloss green alkaline glaze associated with North Georgia pottery.

item #ag101 - $200 
appx. 7" tall 
item #ag103 - $65 
appx. 3.5" tall 

- Unless noted all items are signed by AG Meaders.

- All available items not pictured.

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